Test systems for partial discharge and high voltage

The company MPS Mess-& Prüfsysteme GmbH is composed of a team of specialists with long standing experience in high voltage and Partial Discharge test technology.

Our focus is the development and manufacture of test systems for measuring Partial Discharge in insulation and the measurement of high voltage.

We have standard solutions and professional advice for customized solutions.

We offer fast customised solutions through our own development and manufacturing of  measuring and control technology and software development.

  • Partial Discharge test systems for laboratory or on-site measurement according with VDE 0434, IEC 60270 and EN 50178
  • High voltage insulation (HI-Pot) and Partial Discharge test systems for opto coupler, digital isolator and magnetic coupler according with VDE 0884, UL 1577 and IEC 60747-5-5
  • Partial Discharge measuring equipment for solar / PV modules and insulating-film according to IEC 60664 und IEC 61730-2
  • AC voltage measuring equipment for precise measurement of high AC voltages acc. with IEC 60060 and VDE 0432
  • AC high voltage test systems for high voltage testing of medium-and high-voltage components according with VDE and IEC standards

Zertifiziert nach ISO 9001